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Our story is simple we love to create! NUCD was birthed from a mutual love my husband and I had for fashion, photography, and art. From the time I purchased my first instant camera as a teenager, that eventually evolved into digital photography, I realized the endless possibilities of digital manipulation and what it could be.

My husband had a love for art, drawing and sketching in particular. While in school, he would find every book he could on the art of drawing, and his passion grew. We both could appreciate fashion and the way it makes you look and feel. We imagined one day that we would do something combining those three elements of our personalities, to provide a service to others.

We felt a strong prompting that now is the time. Our faith in God who has the ability to make all things new; is the inspiration for our company; NUCREATION DESIGNS. We hope that you will give us an opportunity to share our love and passion for all things creative with you.



  Danny and  Vanessa

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